Are you bugged by email deliverability issues?


Email marketing is continuously evolving each passing day and the email service providers coming up with stringent terms and conditions to prevent the spamming. Are you also bugged by the bouncing emails and facing a plethora of email deliverability issues? If your answer is yes, then it is high time a corrective action is taken otherwise a lot of hard earned money will be at stake. These deliverability hurdles can easily be surpassed using email verifier and other corrective actions.

1. Data Hygiene

When an email is sent to a large number of inactive subscribers, the ISPs compare your volume to engagement ratio and if it is low, the email is sent to the spam folder. This is one of the nightmares of a majority of marketers. Email validation or email verification are the ways to combat the deliverability issues. You can take the service of email verifiers as these companies remove the inactive subscribers thereby you end up saving a lot of money. Additionally, when the emails are delivered only to active subscribers, the open rate are bound to be high. Data hygiene is one of the most effective step for a successful marketing campaign.

2. Be cautious about the subject line and the content

Certain trigger words in the subject line are sufficient to send your emails to the spam folder. Removing the trigger words from the subject line will reduce the deliverability issue, but it is definitely not the end. You need to carefully scrutinize the content of the mail. An email containing a URL which has resulted in complaints will get flagged and your message does not reach the customers. Additionally, a spam message contains less text and more images. Therefore, you need to take into account the image to text ratio before triggering an email to the potential customers.

3. Avoid buying email addresses

Invalid and dormant accounts are another reason causing deliverability issues. Therefore, it is also better to acquire genuine data rather than buying it from a third party. Even if you have bought such a data remember to use an email address verifier to reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate.