A Healthy Domain Reputation is Essential

If email marketing is your sole marketing platform, then domain reputation is an essential element of your marketing campaign and maintaining it perfectly is extremely important. The ISP will send the message across to the customers only if certain requirements are met and the sender’s reputation is a factor, which has the largest impact on the decision taken by the different ISP. The sender’s reputation score is provided by the ISP based on the sending history and reputation you have earned over the past few years. The score heavily depends upon the number of hard bounces you trigger. Hard bounces are devils for an ISP and any marketing campaign, triggering the hard bounces is looked down upon and the sender’s reputation is degraded. Therefore, it is essential to lower these factors and maintain a significant domain reputation.


The following tips will help you achieve goal successfully.

1. Email validation is the key

Regularly clean the mailing list using email address verification. These tools remove the email addresses causing hard bounces, which automatically increase the domain reputation. You can make use of email validation as it will help you remove the customers who no longer want to be a part of the marketing campaign. The root cause of a low domain reputation is the mailing list being infiltrated by customers who are either dormant or inactive. .

2. IP reputation is irreplaceable

The domain reputation is definitely not the backup for the IP reputation, but it will surely help you determine whether the emails sent to the customers are reaching the inbox or not. A number of ISPs today have started taking a closer look at the sender’s reputation and any sender breaching their set benchmark lands in the spam folder of the customer.  An SPF authentication will surely help you tell the ISPs that the email is coming from an authentic domain. Insertion of some specific codes will allow the outgoing emails to be validated against the already published DNS information. The messages will reach the inbox of the customers and not land in the spam folder.