8 Ways of Growing of Your Email List- Part III

Email marketing is a tricky affair, but extremely effective, if properly executed with a proper mailing list. And, when the email database degrades every year by more than 22%, maintaining the marketing list and gathering new email addresses become a priority for marketers. In order, to keep the numbers moving up, you need to consistently add fresh contacts to your email list. Without a clean and proper list, reaching out to the potential customers is even more difficult. However, remember to scrub the marketing list using email validation on a regular basis to remove the unwanted subscribers. In the previous two posts, you read about six ways of growing your list, read ahead to explore two more innovative ways to engage the readers.

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Host an event

Hosting an event will help you gather email addresses of customers who are interested in your marketing campaign. During the registration process of the event, ask the email address of the people interested in attending. And, you can add these fresh contacts to your mailing list without worrying about the spam complaints because people will share genuine email addresses as they want to receive information about the event. The event may not be star studded, your communication about the event should be big enough to gather email addresses of the target customers. And, if you host a killer event, then attendees of your events are likely to interact with you even after the event wraps up. However, before sending email messages after the completion of the event clean the mailing list using email address verification to remove people who are no longer interested.

Post a link on your Skype

This is an often overlooked method of obtaining an email address, but it takes less than 2 seconds to post a status on skype. You can post a link of your landing page along with a call-to-action in your Skype status. This will help you capture the Skype audience who otherwise would not have come in your contact. However, remember to use email validation on a regular basis to attract only genuine readers.