8 Ways of Growing of Your Email List- Part II

Unhealthy sending practices impact the performance and deliver of the email marketing campaign. As a key sending practice, you need to manage the overall health of your email list using email address verification. Unhealthy and incorrect email addresses lurking on your email list heavily impacts the revenue. Therefore, you need to create a strong marketing list from scratch to engage and attract the potential customers. In the previous post, you read about 3 ways to grow your email list, read ahead to explore a few more interesting ways to build a strong mailing list.


Email the receipt to your customers

Instead of sending the customers the receipt for their purchase, you can consider emailing the bill. This is a great tactic to build a strong mailing list because customers are hesitant to provide their email addresses while making a purchase. If you’ve a physical product, you give the customer an option for a physical and an online bill. The online bill will remain forever with the customer. However, remember to clean the marketing list using email verifier, to remove the inactive and dormant readers. Focus on using innovative ways to grow your marketing list.

Include an email field in the checkout process

You can ask the customer for their email address during the checkout process. If you’re not collecting the email addresses of your customers, you’re missing out on potential opportunities to attract the highly engaged readers. During a checkout process, you can inform the readers about the different discounts, new products and updates. There is nothing better than attracting the reader using the checkout process because the customer has already converted and they’ll be more than willing to share their email address. Remember to include a checkbox asking the customers to give them permission to send messages.

Offer a discount

There is nothing wrong in ethically bribing the reader because it’s effective. Offer a discount code in exchange of the email address. Discount codes and special offers create a positive impact in the minds of the readers.

However, remember to use email validation to clean the marketing list on a regular basis.