8 Ways of Growing of Your Email List- Part I

Time and again, you have heard that email marketing is the most profitable marketing platform, but the truth is, all your money is on the email list and it’s essential to build an engaged email list. With the email list, you can connect with your customers whenever possible, the same is not possible with Facebook or Twitter because your accounts may get locked anytime. Therefore, you can’t simply afford to ignore the mailing list. Investing time and money on the list is essential to build a strong customer base. However, remember to use email verifier on a regular basis to remove the dormant readers. Here are a few ways of growing the email list.


Create a popup

A popup is a window appearing in the foreground of any webpage. These popup can be mid-size or full page depending upon the nature of your business. Many marketers consider popups as annoying as it hampers the readability and affects browsing. However, according to a research, popups can result in more than 60% conversion, which is higher than any other acquisition strategy. Additionally, clean the list acquired using email address verification and remove the spam causing email addresses before it affects your sender’s reputation.

Use an exit popup

If once a customer decides to leave your webpage, you can probably do nothing to win their trust back. Obviously, you can try by creating an exit pop-up to interact with the reader. The customers are already leaving, it’s your last resort to salvage the situation and acquire their email addresses. Exit popup appears when a customer nears the close button. And, when you want such readers to read your message, you need to create a catchy headline and offer something unique to the readers. If you’re successful in nailing this, you have the heart of a disheartened reader. Focus on creating innovative ways to build your marketing list.

Create a timed popup

If you know how long a customer stays on the webpage, you can create a timed popup to capture the attention and email address of the target audience.

Whatever may be your customer acquisition method, use email validation to clean the mailing list on a regular basis.