7 Steps to Build Email List and Make Money from It

So, you actually want to build an email list?

Do you know social media can help you drive tons of traffic to your website?

But, what do smart business owners do with the traffic?

They convert it into their email list.  And, marketers who do not build an email list never reach the target audience.

The question is how to build an effective email list and make money from it. This is the most crucial step in email marketing and it helps in reaching the target audience.

Step 1: Get an awesome email list cleaning software

Without an email list cleaning software reaching the audience is next to impossible. The software helps in removing the inactive and dormant customers from the list. Regular hygiene of the marketing list is useful because your email list decays by 22% every year. One in every four customers either unsubscribe or change their email address. Therefore, carry out a research and choose an online software similar to email validation to reach the inbox of the customers. Marketers who do not focus on cleaning the email list end-up hitting the spam traps, which deteriorates the sender’s reputation.

Step 2: How to grow your email list

The next thing you need to figure out is different ways of growing your email list. It’s simple, if you want people to sign up for the newsletter, you need to bribe and persuade them to join the newsletter. You can offer a discount or coupon because people simply love to receive discounts on different items. Furthermore, you can also offer a piece of free content because many customers want to read interesting and captivating content. The content can be in the form of a video, ebook or even an article. Furthermore, if you want to people to sign up, you need to offer something they want.

Step 3: Put your email list form on the website

Now that you have decided what to give away as a free gift, put the email sign up form on your website. Without the sign up form customers will never find a way to become a part of the newsletter. Focus on placing the link or the sign up form at a prominent place where it’s easily visible to the visitors. If you run a blog, place the link or the form at the end of every blog for the customers to easily connect with you. When the sign up form is hidden, customers are likely to switch to competitors resulting in loss of business.

Step 4: Send email to every person who sign up

Now that you have an email sign up form, you can start building an effective email list. But, the question is what email should you send to the customers?

First and foremost, send a welcome email to the every new sign up. This step is essential as it tells the customer, you value their presence. Keep the welcome email personal and the message tone friendly. Ask the preference of the customer in the email to know what type of content to create. Always ask close-ended questions to receive a definite answer. The two-way interaction with the customers from the starting helps in catering to their requirement and ensuring that they remain a part of your campaign for a long time.

Step 5: How to build an email list

One of the leading ways to create an email list is by creating content on a regular basis.  Not just any content, but viral content. Boring and meaningless content will not help in turning eyeballs towards your brand. Also, create an email list pop-up form that pop-ups when a customer is half-way through the content. Pop-ups help in reminding the customers that they need to join the marketing campaign. However, never use a pop-up that blocks the entire page as it irritates the readers and affects readability.

Building a credible email list consisting of high quality traffic will not help you reach the target audience, but portray your brand as a market leader. Build your list using the techniques you think will prove fruitful to your business.

Step 6: How to nurture your email list

So, you have managed to create a high quality email list?

What next?

Simply triggering emails on a daily basis will not help your business remain afloat in the marketing world. As a marketer understand that you have captured every customer with great difficulty. Therefore, focus on nurturing the relationship with the customers. Organize online events, quizzes and webinars to keep the recipients engaged with your email marketing campaign.

Nurturing the marketing list is an overlooked yet important aspect of list building. It’s not easy turning customers into subscribers. Also, add value in every email you forward not just when you want to sell.  Customers hate brands that send sales oriented messages and override their requirement in doing so.

Step 7: Pay attention to the connection

Ultimately, the goal of your marketing campaign is to create content that resonates with the target audience. When something resonates with the customers, they stop their work and pay attention. Figure out content that resonates with the recipients and identify ways of sending similar content. Building reputation and engaging customers is an absolute must in email marketing.

Never focus on what you’re doing, focus on what is working with the readers.

These steps will help you create an authentic email list and you can make easy money from it. However, clean the marketing list using an email list cleaning software to remain in touch with active and genuine customers.