6 Ways Retailers can Grow their Email List

Retail businesses are aware that quality trumps over quantity. But, it is better said than done. Building a quality list is time-consuming because of which many marketers prefer to purchase an email list. You’ve heard that money is in the list and it’s important to build an engaging marketing list. You can take those email addresses wherever you want. But, imagine what might happen if Facebook or Twitter decides to ban your account permanently. Therefore, it is essential to focus on email list cleaner to reach the target audience.


Here are seven proven ways retailers can grow their email list.

1) Create a landing page

According to a research, companies with 40+ landing pages get 12 times more leads than companies using 5 or less landing pages. Landing pages are placed on your website and they’re not accessible through the main navigation. You can use the landing pages in a very specific way like creating a unique landing page for every banner. You can either create a custom code landing page or  a static welcome mat landing page or even use the landing page of your email service provider.

2) Get customers to sign up for email on Facebook

Your website and social media visitors are probably not the same. Therefore, you need to have a sign-up form even on social media. Using Facebook for sign-up will ensure that you have covered both website visitors and social media visitors. Leverage the power of social media to organically grow your email database.

3) Create a pop up on the website

When visitors come knocking on your website, use a pop-up to urge the customers to share their email address in exchange for an irresistible offer. As a retail marketer, always focus on sending permission based email addresses to avoid spam complaints. Initially, the idea of creating a pop-up may not look fruitful because it annoys the customers, but they work like crazy. Focus on creating an eye-catching headline with a cool description and a CTA to build the email list. However, maintain list hygiene by using email list cleaner.

4) Get customers to sign-up on the store

When your customers purchase from your store, engage them in a meaningful conversation and collect their email address. If you don’t have anything to share with the customer, send an electronic receipt of their recent purchase. Physical bills are a pain because they’re difficult to store and maintain. Furthermore, customers are less hesitant in sharing their email address when they’re purchasing from your brand.

5) Pre-sell a product

Most companies commit the mistake of waiting for the product to finish before selling it. Today,  pre-sell a product to create curiosity in the minds of the customers. Authors and writers, pre-sell their books online to pique the interest of the audience. You will be surprised to know how many people want to know when the product goes live.

6) Host an event

Want to attract new customers? Why not host an event, wherein customers share their email addresses to participate. Send event schedules, speaker information and other important details via email. It’s a great way to build a loyal customer base.

With these tactics, you will grow an email list that will always deliver the promised results. All you have to do is use email list cleaner to clean the list regularly.