6 Lead Nurturing Campaign you should follow -Part II

Lead conversion is a critical success parameter when it comes to email marketing. It not only helps large businesses achieve success, it even assists smaller businesses to develop a loyal customer base at an extremely fast rate. Additionally, by spending few extra dollars on lead acquisition, you can reap the benefits of converting the leads into revenue. In the last part you read about three ways of lead nurturing, read further to explore the three more authentic ways.

1. The Competitive Campaign

The competitive campaign is focused on telling the customer about the advantages of using your product or service over the competitors and the disadvantage of not using your products or services. You need to ensure disadvantages of the competitors are not shared as it can get nasty and ugly in the future. Therefore, tailor your content and outsmart the competitors in the same business by effectively communicating with the customers.


2. The onboard campaign

Here, you will boarding the new customers to your clientele base and provide them with all the necessary information and introductory resources. The new clients should have willingly signed for the marketing campaign, otherwise it will lead to spam complaints and deliverability issues. In order to maintain the sender’s reputation, you can use email address verification and chuck all the unwanted customers. Onboarding is the first important task when it comes to lead nurturing because from here on the customer engagement begins. You can even use verify email to ensure only genuine customers are a part of the nurturing campaign.

 3. The renovation campaign

It is an extremely effective way to tell the existing customers that it is high time their contracts are renewed. Try triggering the campaign when at least a month before the contract renewal date as it will remain on the top of the minds of the customers. Send reminders to the customers at regular interval, ensuring that the renewal date is not missed or forgotten by the potential client.

Apart from the six lead nurturing campaigns mentioned, you can even follow, sales enabling campaign, upsell campaign and the industry expert campaign to attract and entice customers.