6 Expert Tips for Effective List Cleaning Using Email Verification Services

Do you regularly clean an overstacked kitchen shelf or an overflowing closet? The pleasure and satisfaction that comes after decluttering the space are heavenly because you have more space to keep your things. And, if you use email verification services, you get a similar feeling of accomplishment.

When you clean the marketing list regularly, managing and keeping track of metric become easier. The hard bounce rate is likely to reduce, and the sender’s reputation will increase. Plus without inactive and dormant email addresses, your marketing campaign will be picturesque of your efforts.

6 Expert Tips for Effective List Cleaning Using Email Verification Services

Here are a few tips from experts which will help you manage the email list.

1) Keep a hawk eye on spam traps

Deleting every email address from which you receive an unsubscribe request is not going to reap any fruitful result. However, you need to keep track of the notorious spam traps, which were once an active customer. But, due to prolonged inactivity, they help to the anti-spam organization to track companies who send illicit emails to the customers. However, deciphering a spam trap is not as easy as it seems. Hire an email verification services, which can distinguish between an inactive email address and a spam trap. Therefore, follow the golden rule, when in doubt, remove the address from the list permanently.

2) Correct syntax errors

Even a minuscule error can silence your communication with the customer forever. Misplacement of a single letter is enough to earn a hard bounce. For example, instead of typing .com the customer or the data entry staff enter it as ‘.ocm.’ Sending messages to a non-existent domain will ruin your chances of winning the inbox placement.

3) Never delete all the inactive subscribers

Even after burning the midnight oil, there will be customers who fail to engage with your email newsletter. Deleting all such customers is an old school thought because you eliminate any chances of winning back their trust. Focus on a re-engagement campaign to bring back the customer to the sales funnel.  When you delete the inactive subscribers without sending a re-engagement campaign, you lose potential customers.

4) Optimize the process of data capture

List hygiene always starts with collecting quality data. As a marketer, start by providing well-designed email templates with double entry fields.  Also, focus on deploying real-time email verification services as it will help you eliminate the potential errors in the initial stage.

5) Use intelligence and technology

With technology and with the help of various tools, you can track the spam complaints and monitor the paths which trigger the spam complaint. Also, you can maximize the inbox placement by signing up for whitelists and different feedback loop offered by different ISPs.

6) Segment the marketing list

Profiling and segmenting customers according to their product preference will yield superior results. You can perform profiling by examining and monitoring the customer data, behavior and through various surveys. Segmentation is the key when it comes to maintaining and cleaning the marketing list.

Moreover, marketers who regularly clean their email list are always successful in eliminating email addresses that lower the sender’s reputation.