5 Tips on Cleaning the Email List of a Non-Profit Organization

Non-profit organizations require efficient funding campaigns. And, such campaigns require an email list that is free from email addresses, which will not yield to donation. Non-profit organizations that are keen on proactive maintenance build a loyal customer base. Email scrubbing is the leading way to reach the readers and it will help you eliminate the chances of reaching a supporter who wants to make a contribution. You need to keep the sources of donation productive to effectively send your messages to the customers.

email scrubbing

Here are a few ways of cleaning the email list.

1)  The right time is now

You may be surrounded by a plethora of priorities, which may seem crucial to the success of the marketing campaign. However, for most marketers, tidying the email list falls to the wayside in terms of priorities. But, it is crucial and setting it aside will only lead to a downfall in terms of both reputation and revenue. If you’re planning to secure the email list for duplicate leads manually, the process will be lengthy and tedious. Always remember that list maintenance is an ongoing and automatic procedure. Clean the marketing list regularly to reach the target audience and raise funds to make society a better place to live in.

2) Scrutinize the active supporters

Mr. Sam a donor is making donations to your organization for the past 7 years.  To acknowledge the donation, you regularly send thank you emails, addressing the customer as Mrs. Sam. It would be difficult for the customer to trust and believe the sincerity of your organization. Furthermore, you will come across as an organization, which is interested only in donations and not the society. The example quoted above is embarrassing, but it brings out an important aspect of email list – even good email addresses can be problematic. You need to audit and scrutinize the active supporters to ensure positive results.

3) Re-engagement campaigns

Email scrubbing will remove the erroneous and malicious addresses, but if you want to remove the inactive customers, focus on the re-engagement campaign. The leading way to lure such customers is by sending personalized messages. The reason for their donation lapse can be umpteen, but a personalized message with demonstrates that you value the presence of the customer. Focus on studying the database to uncover patterns about inactive customers.

 4) Ask customers for updates

Turn the email maintenance into a two-way street wherein you ask the customers to update you regarding any changes in their contact information. Let the customers know how it will help your organization. Also, provide a link to the customers giving details of where to update the information. Moreover, your customers will help you manage the list effectively and it is crucial because one in every four email address decay over a time.

5) Say no to purchasing list

The easiest way to build a marketing list is by purchasing one. As a non-profit organization, if you wish to clean the marketing list, never purchase any list. Instead, grow it organically. Therefore, purchasing the list is likely to do more damage than good to your reputation.