5 Reasons for Low Email Open Rate

Today, with the rising technology, people are overwhelmed with unnecessary emails, which is the primary reason for a falling open rate. As an email marketer, your goal is to achieve a higher open rate and when it starts to decline, you need to worry. Marketers who regularly use email validation service often end-up with an above-industry open rate.

email validation service

Here are 5 reasons why your company is witnessing a lower email open rate.

1) Boring subject lines

Subject lines are the doorkeepers of your marketing campaign. It is usually the first thing your customers see in the inbox. A boring subject line is deadly because it urges the reader to filter the message as spam. Focus on using a direct subject line or curiosity subject line to win the trust of the readers. In direct subject line, you tell the customers what to expect from your email and in curiosity subject line you create curious subject lines to pique the interest of the customers. For example, ‘ You will not believe what you’re missing out’ – a curiosity subject line.

2) Plethora of inactive subscribers

Low open rates could also be due to a poor marketing list. Inactive subscribers disturb your marketing campaign because they neither open the message or click on the CTA. Subscribers who are inactive from the past 6 months negatively affect the open rate. Marketers need to scrub the marketing list using the email validation service to reach customers who want to receive messages from your organization.

3) Wrong subscribers

You will encounter lower open rates when you purchase an email list because you’re targeting the wrong subscribers. The customer of a purchased list may have opted for receiving messages from a clothing brand, but you’re sending software related information. Your emails will get spam and the email deliverability will drastically reduce.

4) Blocked images

Today, most of the email clients block images by default and without the images being opened, you cannot know whether the email was opened by the customer or not. Therefore, it’s crucial to use ALT-text for any HTML newsletter, you send the target readers. This small step will allow you to add a text description of an image. The image section will no longer remain blank. Also, urge the subscribers to add your email address in their phone book, so that future images display automatically. Furthermore, focus on including only JPEG images because many email clients do not support the PNGs version of the image.

5) Boring and irrelevant content

Customers usually sign-up for receiving the newsletter because they expect interesting content, which adds value to their life. They’re basically looking for tips, advice or anything useful. If you’re constantly sending sales messages, coupons, and ads, you’re going to lose out on customers. Focus on offering content that will pique their interest and urge the recipients to become long-term paying customers. Therefore, focus on sharing content, which resonates with the target audience to reduce the opt-out rate.

These email tips will help you increase the open rate and reach the marketing goal.