4 Ways to Improve the Health of your Email List

When was the last time you seriously looked at your email list? Do you know the engagement rate? Are you aware of the bounce rate? For marketers, it’s extremely easy to overlook the marketing list and focus on content because the content is something, which attracts the target audience. But, the underlying success of any email marketing campaign relies on the health of the list, which is easily maintained using email address verification. A clean and hygienic email list is likely to bring your business to the front foot. Most of the email marketers struggle with reaching the inbox of the target audience. It’s crucial to clean the email list regularly because list cleaning is not one-and-done solution.

We have listed four ways of improving the health of the email list.

email address verification

1) Wake up the dead

You’re ensuring heavy losses to your business if the email list is flooded with inactive email addresses. One way to engage such as through the ‘wake up the dead’ campaign. Such a campaign is specially designed to attract subscribers who have stopped opening and responding to your email messages. Before dumping these subscribers, permanently, it’s crucial to re-engage the subscribers by sending different marketing campaign. Focus on sending 3-5 different pieces of content to know if you can pique the interest of the readers. Furthermore, clean the email list using email address verification and drop these email addresses, if they still do not respond.

2) Get email confirmation

One of the leading ways to maintain list hygiene is getting an email confirmation from the subscribers. The marketing term for email confirmation is known as double opt-in. In this method, a second email is sent to the customer confirming their subscription with your company. The process of double-opt in comes in handy to detect the engaged subscribers and delete the bad email addresses from the marketing list. Marketers who follow the process of double opt-in tend to witness a lower bounce rate because customers will agree to receive messages from their brand.

3) Commence the cleanup process

Repeated attempts to send invalid or inactive email addresses adversely impacts the sender’s reputation. Focus on hiring third-party vendors to remove spam addresses and misspelled email addresses. Such activities will help you improve the deliverability. The cleanup process is essential for maintaining the sender’s reputation and reaching the inbox the target audience. The email address verification service you offer will remove the role accounts, which is essential for removal in order to reach the target audience.

4) Send the right content

Sending the right content to the right subscribers will help you drive engagement. If you want to maintain a healthy email list, focus on creating compelling CTA to keep people engaged with the messages you send. There is no particular blueprint to follow when it comes to creating a compelling copy. Furthermore, interactive and responsive content resonates with the target audience.

Moreover, maintaining list hygiene is not rocket-science, if you know the steps to keep the email list clean from notorious email addresses.