4 Ways How Email Scrubbing is Crucial for your Email Marketing

Unless you are a spammer, sending email messages to the defunct or inactive addresses is a complete waste of time. Today, both businesses and consumers rely heavily on email as a means of communication. Despite the rise of a plethora of email strategies, marketers forget to include email scrubbing as a weapon in your arsenal. As a marketer, you need to understand that dead-end email addresses clog up the email list and you end up wasting time and money. Without this essential tool, achieving mastery in the marketing campaign is next to impossible.

4 Ways How Email Scrubbing is Crucial for your Email Marketing

1) Send messages to customers who want your email

Marketers across the world are investing too much in email marketing. According to research, 81% of the marketers use newsletter for marketing. But, what will happen when people change companies or switch their email accounts? An unhygienic list quickly accumulates because these customers abandon these accounts. When customers enter their email addresses, typos can occur while entering the email address on the landing page or the sign-up form. You will not know whether the email address is wrong or not unless the messages go undelivered. Therefore, it’s best to use email scrubbing to clean the marketing list to enhance the deliverability rate. An up-to-date marketing list is crucial to make most of the return on investment. Marketers who neglect it, often end up in the spam folder of the customer’s mailbox.

2) Leverage the power of email cleaning

Cleaning the list is the solution to the epidemic of abandoned and inaccurate email addresses. Through list hygiene, you can easily keep your connection current with the loyal subscribers.  It will only result in better email marketing statistics. Focus on using real-time verification on the subscribers’ list as soon as they enter the email address on the sign-up form. It will reduce the potential errors and will ensure long-term accuracy. Therefore, leverage the power of list hygiene to fulfill your marketing desires.

3) Use actionable data insights

An inaccurate marketing list is a storehouse of incorrect data insights which cannot offer direction for future engagement strategies. A chorus of bounced email addresses is likely to provide nothing, but noise. However, a clean list will provide actionable data insight, which will help you understand the services and the products a customer has used in the past. Using the actionable data insight, you can incentivize the group members and create a stellar marketing campaign.

4) Enhances reputation

When the bounce rate increases beyond a certain degree, ESPs start banning your services and your reputation as a business goes for a toss. You will definitely not want your brand being labeled as ‘spammer’. List cleaning, on the other hand, will help you maintain the status of a reputable brand. When you use email scrubbing regularly, the reputation of your brand increases multi-fold.

All marketers want to handle their email messages properly will follow the above tactics, but the marketing subscription may fall through the cracks. Always remember that your customers will not always remember to notify you if their email address changes. So, focus on maintaining an email list to reach the target audience.