4 Things to Consider When Choosing Email Verification Online

So, you’ve developed a killer email marketing campaign by burning the midnight oil and have just finished the final round of quality assurance. Are you pumping with joy because you’re about to hit the ‘send’ button? After all the hard work, what if the email never makes it to the inbox? Unfortunately, that’s the harsh reality in the ISP landscape. Believe it or not, email verification online makes or breaks the success of a marketing campaign. And, today with email in the driver seat, it’s imperative to choose a service provider offering maximum benefits at an affordable cost. Overlooking list validation will not serve the purpose because your other efforts will go waste. Therefore, choose a list validator wisely because your email deliverability depends upon the quality of the email list.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Email Verification Online

Here are four crucial things to consider before triggering the messages to the target audience.

1) Ignore low-cost mentality

Cost is a crucial factor, but it’s not the only factor to consider. As a marketer never get caught in the cheap thinking, which will hide the bigger picture. Initially, you might shell out less money at the cost of compromising with quality. The major problem you will encounter with low-cost service providers is deliverability issues. Large and professional list providers have the necessary list to fight the spam traps and keep the deliverability high. On choosing a low-cost provider, you will eventually witness a plummet in the deliverability rates. Therefore, forget the money for a second and concentrate on a provider who promises quality output.

2) Focus on data security

You handle personal information of customers, and they trust your brand of not sharing it with other companies. The list validation vendor should have strict security standards to prevent data leakage. Therefore, before handing the email list to a third-party vendor, inquire about the level of security and steps taken to keep the data secure. Data security should be your top priority when selecting a vendor for email verification online.

3) Read the terms and conditions carefully

A plethora of list validator, to dupe marketers boast of monitoring the spam trap. However, malicious email addresses such as zombies, spam trap and moles are undetectable. Spam traps are created on ad hoc basis by many companies and ISPs across the world. You never know which email address will become a spam trap. Therefore, there is no way of detecting a spam trap unless it has already been mailed. As a marketer understand that the best possible way to prevent hitting a spam trap is following the right list acquisition strategy.

4) Read reviews

With different forums, Q&A website, you have a plethora of ways to read reviews of previous marketers. The reviews will help you make an informed decision because you know how the list validator deals with companies who hire them for cleaning the marketing list. You can choose any email verification online vendor for scrubbing the marketing list, just focus on making an informed decision to avoid deliverability issues later on.