4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Verify Email Addresses

Are you in charge of email success in your company? Is your company a data-driven? Email marketing programs are successful only when the statistics speak. Furthermore, in the age of the fast speed internet, creating an email address is possible in less than a fraction of a minute. Although free email addresses provide a cost-effective way of communication, many times it used for bogus and unscrupulous processes. This makes it crucial for the company to use email list cleaning software.

Today, companies will prefer to verify email addresses before establishing ongoing communication to avoid the tag of a spammer. Also, according to a recent survey, a majority of the online frauds occur because of email. Verifying the authenticity of the email addresses is crucial.

email list cleaning software

Here are a few reasons why your business should verify email addresses.

1) Avoids the potentially inaccurate email addresses

As an email marketer, your company invests a lot of money in the marketing strategies and in acquiring the email addresses. As your business tastes success, you will collect hundreds of email addresses using different acquisition points. And, if some malicious email addresses make their way to the database, it will cost your business a lot of negative reputation. Also, inaccurate email addresses end-up consuming critical information, which never reaches the customer. Sending messages to inaccurate email addresses results in lower sender’s reputation because such addresses either result in soft or hard bounces. Focus on using email list cleaning software to permanently scrub of the email addresses from the database.

2) Avoids erroneous submissions

Today, the customers enter the email addresses of another person without their permission to avoid the promotional messages from spamming their inbox. But, when you verify the email addresses, you become sure that the communication is a real person and the customer has willingly agreed to receive messages from your organization.

3) Lowers email transmission and maintenance cost

Companies who use the services of an email service provider (ESP) should verify email addresses regularly because accurate email indirectly lowers the email transmission and maintenance cost. A majority of the ESPs charges the customers depending upon the volume of email you send to the customers. Therefore, the greater the number of inaccurate email addresses, the higher will be the maintenance cost. A successful marketing campaign is one that reaps the maximum ROI and inaccurate email addresses push your company one step behind in achieving this goal.

4) Results in productive leads

Productive leads are an asset in the email marketing world. Validating email addresses at the point of capture ensure your business with a higher number of working email addresses. Also, when the information pertaining to the customers is correct, you can easily send personalized messages. This increases the chances of engaging the customers.

As a marketer, overlooking an email list cleaning software can prove costly to your business because the gated communities of the internet are actively screening and filtering the incoming emails to the customers. A continual bad performance in terms of sender’s reputation and email transmission score will mitigate your chances of reaching the qualified leads.