4 Effective Places to Build your Email List

In today’s competitive world, your online business needs an email marketing list to survive the tough competition. Without a list, the growth of your business can stagnate because the list comprises of customers who generate revenue for your business. A lead generation page on some of the key areas of your email will exponentially increase the customers in your database. However, validate email before triggering messages to the readers. You need to remove the inactive and dormant readers as they reduce the email marketing statistics to a great extent. Here are a few effective places to build a strong marketing list.


Email Signature

People who scan your emails have a tendency to scroll down to ensure they have read the message completely. Place your lead generation link in your email signature as this place captures the attention of the readers. You can ask the customers to give their preferences in terms of frequency and type of content. It will ensure that the readers don’t leave the marketing campaign without any reason. Focus on placing the lead generation link in every email you send. However, remember to clean the mailing list using email address verifier to keep in touch with people who want your newsletters.

Facebook Page

More and more people are joining Facebook. You can leverage this platform to connect with customers who have not yet provided their email address. Place the lead generation link in the ‘About’ section to let the readers join your marketing campaign. Moreover with Facebook, you can reach friends of friends and build a strong customer base in no time.

YouTube Channel

There is no harm is placing a clickable link on every video you share with the customers. The use of videos by marketers have increased because it helps in delivering the message in a succinct and powerful manner. Furthermore, people who lack time due to their busy schedule prefer videos over lengthy messages.


Readers who like your style of writing are more likely to reach your blog. Therefore, you need to place the opt-in and lead generation link in every blog you write.

Additionally, focus on using email validation to reach the target readers.