3 Ways to Use Facebook to Build your Email List

Do you have a healthy customer base on Facebook? But, how many of these followers are actually helping in revenue generation? If you’re unable to track the conversion, you need to focus on building your email list through Facebook and ensure the fans turn into fruitful subscribers. Even today, Facebook is one the leading platforms to build an effective email list. It’s cost effective because you’re turning your existing fan base into email subscribers. However, you need to clean the list using email list cleaning software. Here are a few ways of building your email list using Facebook.


Create a lead generation Facebook Ad

One of the leading ways to generate leads from Facebook is through lead generations ads. With Facebook ads you can effectively target the right audience and if customers love your content, you can begin to see dramatic results in terms of generating leads. Obviously, this is not as simple as it seems, you need to carefully optimize your images and content to ensure your fans turn into email leads. Offer something free or valuable in exchange of their email address. With lead generation ads you can increase your customer base. Remember to clean the list using email address verifier as many customers give their email address just to avail a free offer.

Add a CTA to your social media profiles

If you’re missing out on the CTA, you’re missing out an opportunity of grabbing new subscribers. While you grow your social media profile, you can effectively increase your email list with the help of actionable CTA. However, have one well-defined CTA to ensure that the subscribers are not confused. Too many CTAs reduce the charm of the message as customers are unable to understand what you’re expecting.

Host a Facebook contest

Hosting a contest is an effective way of creating buzz around your brand. Contests on Facebook tends to attract more readers, especially when valuable gifts are at stake. Have your followers enter their email address to participate in the contest.

Whatever is your method of acquisition, remember to use email validation to reach your customers.