3 Ways to Boost your Email List

One of the biggest asset for any company having an online presence is the email subscribers. The database is likely to be a mix of customers, including new customers, old customers, prospect and advocates. With your email list, you can knock the inbox door easily and make your campaign a grand success. However, you need to maintain your list using validate email to remove unnecessary subscribers. Here are a few tips to engage your readers and boost your email list.


Revisit lapsed subscribers

Keep track of the lapsed email subscribers because they have not made a purchase for a long time. Although, you may send frequent messages to this group, you may try sending a strong campaign urging these subscribers to make a purchase. Send an offer the customers cannot resist. Focus on re-engaging customers through innovative and creative content. Winning back the lapsed customers will have a positive impact on your ROI and will give a boost to your email list. However, clean the list using email address verification to remove people who have not engaged in the past 3-4 years.

Acquire new subscribers

Without adding new customers, your list will deteriorate at an accelerating rate, leaving spam traps or inactive readers.  Therefore, make it easy for new visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter. If the signup process is tedious, no one will give their email address irrespective of how good your blogs and content is. Remember to place the signup form on every web page and offer a discount or a freebie in return for their email address. You can also use different pop-ups, but never over them as it annoys the readers to constantly close a pop-up every now and then.

Get creative for new customers

Offer incentives to people who signup to your newsletter irrespective of the platform. If majority of the readers are coming from social media, ensure to place the form to build your email list. Furthermore, organize different contests, to obtain new subscribers and engage the prospects.

Whatever acquisition method you’re using, remember to scrub the email list using verify email.