3 Things that Kill Your Email Deliverability

As an email marketer, you want to share unique and interesting content and want your subscribers to share the information on Facebook and Twitter. When readers talk about your brand, you can automatically win the hearts of the other subscribers. Obviously, when a customer engages with your brand in a meaningful way, you actually achieve success and become a favorite among your customers. Email deliverability will help you reach the inbox of the readers and ensure messages are not filtered as spam. Increasing email deliverability is essential to reach the inbox of the readers, use email address verification on a regular basis to curb email deliverability issues. Here are a few things that kills the email deliverability.


Leaving subscribers in the dark

If someone has signed up to receive email messages and they don’t receive messages for six months, they would have probably forgotten about your brand. In email deliverability, waiting too long to send your first email is killing and will only ruin all the marketing efforts. Creating a first good impression is essential to step the first right foot. Keeping your subscribers in the dark will not help, instead send strong welcome emails encouraging engagement and clicks for getting the readers take the necessary step. Send regular and consistent email messages depending upon your brand and the industry you cater.

Sending from a free email address

Sending messages from a free domain email address such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo is a bad idea and ISPs will automatically filter your messages as spam. Sending commercial messages from such email addresses will hamper the email deliverability. Focus on sending messages from the official email address to tell the readers and ISPs who you actually are. Using a send from address tailored to a specific part of the business is a strong way to improve deliverability. Additionally, use email verifier to ensure messages are not filtered as spam by readers.

Sending emails with too many images

Emails with a large image and small html text is a hallmark of spammers and you can be flagged as spam by the ISPs. Ensure a balance of images and text in your messages.

Email validation will definitely help you increase the email deliverability.