3 Smart Ways to Clean your Email Marketing List

Today, email delivery is a fickle beast and with constantly changing ISP and email addresses of your customers, reaching the inbox of the reader is difficult. Like any other aspect of maintaining your business, it is extremely essential to clean the marketing list using email address verification. All marketing lists have a shelf life, which makes it even more important to maintain the list on a regular basis. It’s extremely critical to keep the list healthy for your email marketing success. Here are a few smart ways of cleaning the list.


Ask the subscribers

You need to understand whether your audience in or out. And, a great tactic to accomplish this task is by sending emails to people who have not engaged in the past few months. Simply ask the readers to click a link if they still want to receive message from your brand. Give the subscribers an option to opt out and you the number of spam complaints will drastically reduce. However, before the customer leaves the marketing campaign remember to ask them the reason for leaving. You can alter the frequency of messages or the content based upon the feedback received.

Delete people who are inactive

Simply remove customers who have not opened, or clicked in the past 6 months because you are unnecessarily wasting your time trying to attract such readers. A list comprising of real people will yield results, never focus on just the numbers. After six months of waiting, it’s finally time to move and create a positive impact on your marketing by deleting such email addresses. Such customers will only affect the deliverability statistics and cost you more money if you hire a professional email marketing service.

Don’t overlook list cleaning

Email marketing is not something you can forget, instead you need to keep an eye on the marketing list using email verifier to ensure no malicious email address find its way. List cleaning can help you achieve desirable marketing results without worrying about spam filters.

Use email validation on a regular basis.