3 Smart List Management Techniques for Retailers

As a retailer, you know how difficult it is to rise above the clutter in the inbox. Whether you’re  a retail outlet or a specialized boutique, you need to attract customers daily. But, getting lost in the run to reach the customers might prove difficult. However, if you focus on list management tactics, you can improve the overall email performance. List segmentation should be a priority as it makes your messages relevant to the target audience. Also, segmentation beats the one-size-fits-all approach always. Furthermore, clean your list using email cleaner to enhance your chances to reach the inbox.

3 Smart List Management Techniques for Retailers - email cleaner


Here are three smart list management and segmentation techniques. Use these tactics to reach the customer and increase the revenue of the marketing campaign.

1) Segment based on shopping cart status

No matter what you do, it’s inevitable to avoid shopping cart list abandonment. Segmentation helps you salvage the lost sales by allowing you to send targeted emails to the customers. According to a research, 54% of shoppers are likely to purchase products left in the shopping cart, if they offer products at a lower price. Using the data and shopping cart status, you can remind the customers that they didn’t complete the transaction. Additionally, focus on giving a small discount as an enticement to spur the ‘purchase’ click. Furthermore, when you club segmentation with email cleaner, the results are amazing and will outperform your expectations.

2) Segment based on purchase history

Purchase history is probably one of the best ways to segment the marketing list. The type of product a customer purchase, the amount of money being spent and the time between two purchases will help you improve the email messages. You can cross-sell complementary items based on previous purchases. You can offer dress socks to customers who purchase dress shoes.  Also, you can send weekly offers to silent customers and entice them to purchase again from your brand. Promote high-end products to customers who frequently purchase high-ticket items. Hence, when you segment the customers based on their purchase history, try to win their trust by sending enticing offers.

3) Segment based on response and behavior

The more you observe you, readers, the higher chances you have to send an informative and useful message. You can review the type of pages a customer visit and if a customer regularly visits a particular page, add them to a separate email list. Furthermore, if a customer consistently reads your messages, add them to a separate mailing campaign, which sends frequent promotion messages to the readers. Tracking the response and behavior of the customer will provide useful insights, which you can use to craft marketing campaign. If you don’t have any content to share, create 3-5 email blast messages and see how they perform with the target readers.

These are just a few segmentation tactics you can use as a retailer to increase the reach of the marketing campaign. Start email segmentation today and clean your list regularly using email cleaner to outperform the competitors. Furthermore, list segmentation is the key to your marketing campaign.