3 Important Things to do with New Email Addresses Acquired

Collecting genuine email addresses is a difficult task, but if you have wrapped up a genuine campaign and used the right method of collecting the email addresses, you will definitely be the proud owner of a several dozen of new addresses. The first one week is extremely crucial when building relationship with the newly acquired customers. What and how you do for the customers will set the tone for the business relationship. Therefore, it is important to make use of each and every opportunity to build and entice customers. Here are three important things you should do with the new email addresses you have recently acquired.

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1. Email Validation

Before triggering emails to the new customers ensure that the addresses are accurate. Therefore, email address verification is a necessity because mistakes can happen when entering the data in the database or filling the online subscription form. Never send out any communication to the customer unless email validation is completed because hard bounces or inactive customers deteriorate the tone of the marketing campaign and adversely affects the sender’s reputation.

2. Send a Welcome Email

After completing the process of verify email, send the customers a welcome email. A welcome email is always acknowledged by the customer as it gives an indication that their presence is being valued by the company. In the welcome email remind the customers about who you are because a customer might not remember when and where he/she agreed for the newsletter. Also, inform the customers on how you are going to use their email address. Clearly tell them the frequency of emails per week or per month. Informing customers beforehand is essential as it will help you increase the click rate because customer would be expecting a newsletter from your end.

3. Segment the mailing list

Segmenting the newly acquired customers into different categories is thousand times easier than segmenting an old list. The customers are new and the preferences are known, which makes the process of segmentation extremely simple and easy.

Try out these 3 things and see your marketing campaign touch success.