3 Golden Rules of Successful Sending

Understanding the rules of the game is essential before playing the game to win it. Email marketing is a game and understanding the rules will help you achieve the desired ROI, conversion and engagement. Knowing all the rules of email marketing thoroughly will help you create a successful marketing campaign, ensuring that the mails reaches the inbox of the desired customers. You need to adhere to the following rules every time, if you want to taste success in this field.


Golden Rule#1 Double Opt-in

With the CAN-SPAM act thoroughly in place, you can face some serious repercussions if the emails are filtered spam by the customers. There is no point sending newsletters to customers who have previously complained about your content, you are actually wasting the precious marketing budget on customers who are least interested. A double opt-in is the process wherein a prospect confirms their decision about receiving emails from your business. Customers simply have to fill a short form giving details about the type of subscription they have agreed. A double opt-in is synonymous to qualified leads. Therefore, follow the golden rule of double opt-in to attract genuine customers.

Golden Rule#2 Email address verification

Many a times, mailing lists are purchased from a third party vendor to build relationships. Most of the purchased lists are full of spam bots or inactive email addresses. When emails to such addresses are triggered, it leads to hard bounces, which are dreaded in the email marketing world. Hard bounces deteriorate the email marketing campaign beyond repair by lowering the sender’ score. However, if email verifier is integrated into the marketing campaign, the spam complaints and hard bounces will drastically reduce. Email validation will remove all the unwanted and dormant customers from the mailing list. Therefore, follow the golden rule by using email address verification.

Golden Rule#3 Let customers go, if they want to leave

Don’t be a marketer, who does not include an unsubscribe button in the newsletters. Whenever the customers are unable to unsubscribe, the next available option is filtering the email as spam. You are going to unnecessarily attract spam complaints.