3 Email Growth Hacks for Email List Building

Your email marketing list is probably the most valuable asset for digital marketers as it helps the marketers to reach potential customers. You have probably worked hard to attain the email address of the readers. And, nothing can be disheartening than reaching the spam folder. You need to maintain a steady growth of the marketing list to ensure you have regular inflow of revenue. Keep nurturing your email list to make sure your email marketing campaign is effective. Therefore, focus on cleaning the list using verify email to stay connected with the readers. Here are three growth hacks for email list building.


Hold contests

Let’s face it – customers love to win and love to receive prizes. Holding a contest is an excellent way to create excitement and the leading way for the readers to sign up for the newsletter. Invite people to participate in the contest, simply by asking their email address. Customers love a chance for free stuff and it’s an apt way to increase your customer database. Regularly hold contests that sparks the interest of the target audience and win their trust. However, remember to clean the list using email address verification to remove unwanted customers.

Make content shareable

If your readers are compelling and readers love to read them, you need to create shareable content. Remember to include links to different social sharing platforms for the readers to share. You can create a shareable content by choosing a trending topic and make sure that the topic is relevant to your audience. However, ensure to keep the emails short and make sure you’re capturing the interest of the readers by improving the readability. Ensure that the emails look attractive on a mobile device.

Build suspense

Get the audience excited by building suspense for a new product launch or rebranding. Focus on creating a microsite providing details about the new features and provide them access when the readers give their email address.

Therefore, if you send regular emails, focus on scrubbing the email list using email validation.