2 Awesome Ways of Growing your Email List

Even today, email marketing remains as a viable marketing strategy because it is cost effective and reaches the target audience. The quality of the subscribers driving to your business plays an important role in deciding the success. With more and more mailbox providers narrowing on engagement as a primary factor to filter the messages as spam, creating a high quality list is essential. Always remember that your email list is the foundation for a positive customer experience. Therefore, clean the mailing list regularly using email list cleaning software. When unwanted and inactive email addresses are removed from the mailing list, you automatically connect with genuine subscribers. Here are a few ways of growing your marketing list.


Spell out the benefits

Today, no customer is going to give their email address unless you explicitly tell the benefits associated with your email program. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C marketer, you need to tell the customer what to expect from your newsletter. Clearly tell the frequency of emails and the type of content you plan to send in the coming days. Customers should know what they are signing for, otherwise, engaging them would become extremely difficult for your brand. Furthermore, you ask the customer to opt-in for different types of messages based upon their interests. It will further help you understand their requirements. However, use validate email on a regular basis to touch base with interested subscribers.

Make signup simple

When a customer witnesses friction while filling up the signup form, they tend to leave the form incomplete and you end up losing potential customers. The entry and exit points should be user-friendly and the signup process should not be difficult. Ask just the name and email address of the customer in the signup form. You can ask more details in the subsequent messages that you send to the readers. Additionally, if your brand strategy requires a large amount of customer data, focus on implementing a two-step process where the users enter the basic details in the first phase and later on adding their preferences.

Focus on using email address verifier on a regular basis.