100% Email Deliverability is Possible

One of the most frequently questions asked from email service providers is the deliverability rate the service provider can offer. Companies are looking for service providers who can provide relevant statistics to back their claim of providing high email deliverability. A lot of email marketing success is dependent upon the deliverability because unless the message reaches the inbox of the customer, urging the customers to make a purchase is difficult. According to email service providers, deliverability is when the mail reaches the receiving server. You need to understand the difference between reaching the receiving server and the inbox of the customer. Email address verification will help you achieve the desired email deliverability rate and help in increasing the revenue.


Prefer confirmed opt-in

Data collected from confirmed opt-in always yields great results because customers have willingly signed for receiving the messages. Such customers are interested in your offering and will actually wait to hear from your brand. Sending messages to them will rarely result in spam complaints because they find your messages relevant. Always use authentic methods of acquiring customers and achieving 100% deliverability will no longer be a dream. Additionally, email verifier will help you further enhance the marketing efforts and you can easily take the business to the next level. Remember, never force the customers to sign up for their marketing campaign.

Obtain explicit permission

Purchasing email list is never a good option for a successful marketing campaign because the list is always full of inactive and dormant customers. These customers would have agreed to receiving information from some other company and if you send messages without explicitly obtaining their permission, you will land in the spam folder of the mailbox. Therefore, whenever you purchase a mailing list from a third party vendor, ensure to use email validation to clean the list and seek permission from the existing customers. Permission based marketing will help you monitor high bounce rates and high spam complaints. You will be able to connect with the customers on a personal level without worrying about the deliverability rate.

Focus on achieving high deliverability rate.