Email Verifier – Mobile App (Android)

email verifier app

Recently, we released a Chrome Web Store Extension allow you to easily access our site with ease. We also released an email verification info app which lets you get quick access to our support site and allow you to keep in touch through our social media profiles.

Its proven to be successful and convenient way to access our control panel so we decided to launch a mobile app for android users. Don’t worry iOS users, we have an iOS app coming later this month which will be just as good.

Having a mobile app would allow you to perform the following actions:

– Start a new verification job
– Check for updates on email verification jobs
– Update your account settings
– Top up or subscribe to a monthly plan
– Check your balance and usage
– Access our support site
– And much more…

You will also benefit from instant updates without needing to update the app. We hope this will come useful to you. Have a feature that you’d really like to see – use our feature request forum to share your ideas.

Please don’t forget to give us a five star review on Google Play.

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