Best Practices for a Clean Mailing List

Every marketer is scared of the deliverability rates, because any deliverability rates seem low. A small mistake can further drop the rate, resulting in an unsuccessful email marketing campaign. A dozen of methods are available to improve the delivery to the inbox, including a clean mailing list. List hygiene is like removing the dirt from the clothes. However, it is not limited to removing inactive consumers, it is about engaging the prospects, and acquiring the new customers. Remember that low engagement rate hurts the sender’s reputation and deliverability. Follow the given below best practices for cleaning a mailing list and witness the changes in the marketing campaign.


Deliverability depends upon algorithms

You read correct, deliverability of a message is dependent upon the algorithms decided by the ISPs. A high engagement and open rate is a signal of a message being delivered without hassle. If the customer has marked the message as important and sender’s email address is added in the address book, the problem of deliverability will never arise. Messages remain undelivered if the spamtrap hit and the number of spam complaints are high. According to a research, more than 90% of the messages exchanged have no value. Therefore, clean the mailing list using email verifier on a regular basis. Email address validation will help reduce the bad signals of deliverability.

Purge the inactive customers

Culling the inactive consumers on the mailing list is like keeping goods in an overloaded warehouse. Marketers will never reap any benefit from keeping the inactive customer. It is considered beneficial to remove all the customers who are inactive for a more than one year. Continuously sending emails to such customers is draining away the hard earned money and wasting the marketing efforts. Therefore, it is advisable to thin the mailing list as it will enhance the deliverability. Try not to remove such consumers completely from the mailing list, instead remove them from the main mailing list and intermittently send messages to the inactive customers. This way gaining their attention will become easier and the sender’s reputation will not get damaged.