Why your Goal should not be 100% Inbox Placement? – Email Scrubbing Service

For a plethora of marketers, the current email marketing goal is to achieve 100% inbox placement. Is the goal justified? Definitely not! The old school of thought advocates 100% inbox placement and their counterparts are completely against it. More is always not better, especially when it comes to inbox placement. An email scrubbing service cannot guarantee 100% inbox placement because it is practically impossible to achieve it. Today, the rise in subscriber’s deliverability has changed the game of email marketing. A dent in the deliverability rate will take your marketing efforts for a toss because it will impact placement rate, open/click rate and the design of the email program.

Why your Goal should not be 100% Inbox Placement? – Email scrubbing service

Here are a few reasons you need to focus on customer loyalty over inbox placement.

1) Your global IP reputation depends on the overall sender’s reputation

Most of the ESPs including Gmail takes into consideration the traditional metrics associated with reputation. These include spam trap hits, spam complaints, and phishing requests. Apart from the metrics, it also takes into account the quality of email addresses you send promotional emails. Basically, the ESPs calculate the percent of secondary addresses present in the mailing list. If the reputation metrics cross a certain threshold, your emails are likely to get blocked globally. Therefore, chasing 100% inbox placement is meaningless when the ESPs keep a hawk eye on the quality of mailing addresses and reputation metrics. However, before triggering the messages, remember to clean the using email scrubbing service.

2) Your subscriber level engagement is tracked at domain and IP level

Many ESPs take keen interest at the engagement level of each subscriber for a particular domain. If the engagement level for that domain is high, the email reaches the inbox otherwise reaches either the junk or the spam folder. The level of engagement changes because of its dependency on the global reputation. When the engagement level is not high enough, your messages will never reach the inbox. Therefore, in pursuit to achieve 100% inbox placement, you will overlook crucial business goals, which can improve the customer engagement level and enhance the customer experience.

3) Content reputation

The filtering based on content is relatively short-term and is tied to a large number of ‘markers’ such as text in emails, HTML tags, kind of messages and the URLs you include in the message. If you constantly send meaningless and boring content, your goal of reaching the inbox of the customers will remain a dream. Furthermore, when content reputation is at stake, the unsubscribe rate and complaints will automatically increase. More is not always better. Focus on quality of content instead of the quantity to drive potential leads to your marketing campaign.

Demonstrate the usefulness of your email program to the customers to increase client loyalty and enhance the reputation metrics. The secret to success lies in understanding when you start damaging the inbox placement. So, focus on scrubbing the email list regularly using email scrubbing service to elevate your chances to reach the inbox.

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