Why You Should Regularly Email Your Subscribers?

Keeping up regularly with any kind of communication with readers, especially email readers is a challenging task because you need to maintain consistency when connecting with the subscribers. And, one of the biggest challenges faced is figuring out the content. You cannot afford to skip a single email of the regular marketing campaign. Sending the messages regularly has its own perks as it helps in maintaining the sender’s reputation and less readers filter the messages as spam. When sending regular messages to readers, you need to maintain the marketing list using email verifier to avoid unnecessary spamming. Here are a few reasons why sending regular emails will work in your favour.



Sender’s reputation

Engagement rate increases with every email communication because the more email a customer receives from your brand, the more their email client like Yahoo and Google will know that you are a trusted source. Gaining the trust of the email client is essential to land directly in the inbox of the target readers. Additionally, bounce rate will also affect the sender’s reputation to a great extent. Bounce rate is the percentage of the invalid email addresses in the marketing list. Messages to such addresses either fail permanently or temporarily. You need to scrub the mailing list using email address verification to lower the bounce rate. If you send email messages once in a blue moon, the bounce rate will increase and the sender’s score will decrease.

Avoid the spam folder

If your last email was sent a few months back, clean the mailing list before launching the marketing campaign. Remove the email addresses, which were added a year or two ago based upon your judgment. Focus on readers, who have not made a purchase and never opened the email messages that you send. Such customers are likely to filter the messages as spam in the near future. Likewise, segment the readers who open the messages occasionally in a different group and send promotional offers to win back their trust.

Set a weekly or monthly reminder to send messages and clean the mailing list regularly using email validation.