Why you Should Never Buy an Email List?

Whether you’ve a launched a new business or gradually trying to build your email list, a shortcut definitely seems a lucrative option. And, one shortcut can actually mislead your business into huge losses. For instance, many marketers end up purchasing an unsolicited email list from third party vendors. You need to understand that it’s one shortcut that has never reaped any result for any marketers. You will cause your business more harm than you do good with it. Customers on the purchased list are likely to filter the messages as spam. Therefore, focus on using email address validation on a regular basis taste success.

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You cannot trust the quality

Unfortunately, people who sell an email list are not very honest and you can end up buying a list full of spam traps and spam bots. Your list many comprise of missing, incomplete data, which can prove fruitless for your business. Furthermore, it may comprise of out-of-date information and email addresses. Such email addresses causes hard bounce rate, which affects the deliverability and sender reputation. It’s pretty worthless to get 10000 email addresses which are completely out-of-date. Whatever list you have clean it regularly using validate email to remove inactive and wrong email addresses.

You become a spammer

Who enjoys receiving unsolicited and irrelevant email addresses? Customer don’t mind filtering the messages as spam even when they agree to receive information. And, you’re planning to send irrelevant messages to those customers. You can imagine the response you will receive from the readers. Your readers will filter the messages as spam because they never agreed to receive information from your brand. When you get the tag of a spammer, you can never win the trust of the readers and the ESPs.

Your competitors are using the email list

Other email marketers are probably using the exact email list and they might be sending similar messages to your brand. Therefore, consider twice before purchasing an unsolicited email list.

Focus on using email list cleaning software to remove inactive subscribers.