Why Use Email Validation?

The success of any email marketing campaign depends upon how clean the mailing list is. Cleaning the mailing list is essential as it improves deliverability and enhances customer satisfaction. Additionally, clean list enables you to remain in touch with customer ensuring a long term healthy relationship. Email validation also ensures that the email is being read by the customers because unless the emails are delivered, the open rates will never be high. Email marketing is directly linked with email validation and has helped a plethora of marketers achieve success in acquiring new customers. When the mailing list is sparkling clean, the number of spam complaints are low and you are able to maintain a healthy sender’s score, which again affects email deliverability. Here are few more reasons of using email address verification.


Increased customer service

A clean mailing list ensures that your customers receive the information intended for them and sparks customer engagement. A correct and deliverable email address will ensure good customer service and the content being forwarded will be read by the prospective customers. Whether you are selling a product or catering to a service, customer satisfaction and service is of utmost importance. Any loophole in customer service will lead to dissatisfaction, thereby ruining the whole email marketing campaign. Therefore, clean the mailing list on a regular basis using email verifier.

Sender’s reputation is enhanced

Be it any field of life, maintaining a good reputation is essential as it reaps a lot of monetary benefits and email is no different. As a marketer, you need to maintain a healthy scorecard in front of the ISPs in order to ensure timely delivery of the emails being sent. Additionally, the sender’s score determines whether the email will reach the intended customer or will be filtered as spam by the ISPs.

If you are still skeptical about using email validation, you can try to run a pilot project with and without email validation. You will notice the difference in the marketing statistics and the sales figure. Email verifier is the backbone of email marketing and it will definitely help you achieve the desired marketing goals.