Why is my Email Being Marked as Spam?

Spam complaints are a true reflection of the overall health of the marketing campaign. ESP takes into account spam reports to determine whether the email should reach the inbox of the customer or it should be filtered as spam. The lower the spam complaints, the higher will be the deliverability and the larger will the audience base. Use email validation to effectively remove unwanted customers from the mailing list and ensure low spam complaints. Here are a few reasons why customers mark the email as spam.


I never signed up for the mailing list. Who are you?

Purchased lists are not worth the money until or unless cleaned. If your customers are on the list, they will be on the list of other clients as well. Such customers receive a lot of unwanted email and if they receive more emails, it is not going to affect them in any way. Your emails will get delivered to the inbox, but will go unopened. Therefore, purchasing an email list is a bad option for the email marketing campaign. Additionally, a purchased list leads to hard bounces, which further degrades the marketing campaign. It is always advisable to have a process of double opt-in before sending emails to the prospective customers. Maintaining a healthy sender’s reputation is essential, therefore, clean the purchase list either using email address verification or verify email.

What you are sending to me is unexpected?

It is extremely important to tell the customers directly what to expect from the mails. Being honest about the services will help you achieve the trust and ensure a long term relationship. Be as clear as possible, so that the prospective customers know what to expect, otherwise they will surely filter the email as spam. Whatever expectation you have set, will determine the future of the email marketing campaign.

Email validation will help you drastically reduce the spam complaints and ensure success in email marketing. Leverage the effectiveness of this list cleaning tool and you see a change in the marketing numbers.