Why Email Verification and Validation is Essential

Any email marketing campaign today is enough to maintain relationships and build brand consciousness. A properly managed email marketing campaign is one way of achieving it, but for that email verification and email validation is essential. A verified list will ensure reputation and revenue of your company. There are umpteen benefits of using an email verifier, some of which are mentioned below:

1. Advertisers and Sponsors

A fresh and a clean email list gives an indication that you are committed and dedicated towards the work you do. And, if you are regularly updating your list, it conveys a message for the advertisers and the sponsors. Therefore, by investing an initial amount in cleaning your email list, you can increase your open rates and revenue.

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2. Reputation is at stake

Invalid email addresses leave a negative impact on the reputation and your emails get bounced often. The total bounce rate increases, thereby spoiling your email marketing campaign completely. In such a scenario a plethora of customers does not get the email. Additionally, once ISP starts tracking your activities, it becomes difficult to generate sufficient revenue from the email marketing campaign.

3. Advantage against rivals

Email validation and email verifier will definitely give you a leading edge against your rivals. You will have a fresh and updated list every time. You can send newsletters without worrying about the deliverability issues. If you are having a high bounce rate, your competitors will move ahead and you can lose your customers easily.

4. Reducing costs

Cost reduction is one of the major benefits of using email validation. You can easily increase the conversion rate and you will have a high chance to reach out to your targeted audience. No doubt, you will have a small list, but the conversion is going to be high and the benefits in the long run would be extremely good.

Email address verification should be made an integral part of your email marketing campaign. You can hire an email verifier company for this task and effectively manage the list and ensure a high ROI and conversion rates.