Why Email Validation is Gaining Popularity?

Marketers who overlook their mailing list and continuously send emails to the stale email addresses are putting their business at huge risk. When mails are triggered to authentic customers, the brand reputation and image is maintained. And, on the other hand, sending to a stale list will lead to a low sender’s score, which adversely affects the deliverability. The sender’s score determines the fate of the email whether it will land in the inbox of the customer or it will be filtered as spam. Email validation helps to improve the sender’s scores, and because of its low cost, the method is gaining popularity among email marketers.


1. Removes stale addresses

Remove invalid addresses from a database comprising of hundreds of email addresses is a task in itself. And, it will not guarantee accuracy, but if email address validation is used, the task becomes simpler and easier. Removing invalid addresses using a software is much easier than removing manually. Additionally, verify email is essential because a plethora of hard bounces occurs because of typos in the email address. A hard bounce is considered fatal because deliver to that particular address fails forever and gives an indication to the ISP that you are a potential spammer. Therefore, implement and integrate email validation in all your marketing campaigns.

2.Attracts investors

A cleaned list is directly proportional to the number of interested customers in the database. And, if you have a large customer base, it will attract investors and the growth of your business will definitely accelerate. Email validation is a cost effective way to connect with potential customers and attract investors to the business. Additionally, a cleaned list gives an indication that you are serious about the business, which will surely help you create an impression in front of the investors. Therefore, by spending initially on list cleaning, you can connect with a large customer and investor base.

Email validation has revolutionized email marketing and has proved successful. Hire email validation specialist today and see the difference in both the spam and bounce rate.