Why are your Email Subscribers Unsubscribing?

Today, engaging the readers with relevant content is becoming a mammoth task for email marketers around the world. It takes a fraction of a second for the customer to hit the spam button and your whole marketing campaign will become unsuccessful. As a marketer, understanding the reason why your email subscribers are leaving you is essential. Once, you know the reason, you can at least try not to repeat the same mistake again and again.  Customers subscribe because of a numerous reasons and according to a survey, only when customers are totally fed up, they hit the spam button. Here are a few reasons why customers are unsubscribing from your marketing messages.


Customers never signed up

You probably purchased or rented a mailing list because of lack of time or resources. But, did you clean the mailing list using email address verification after acquiring the purchased list? If not, more than 50% of your subscribers will eventually leave the marketing list because they would have never signed up for receiving information from your end. Additionally, a purchased or rented list is full of spam bots and erroneous emails, which are bad for the sender’s reputation. And, once if your sender’s reputation is degraded, winning the trust of your ISPs again will be difficult. Therefore, remember to clean the purchased mailing list using email verifier on a regular basis. Remember, acquiring customers is not a difficult task, but engaging them is a task in itself.

Too many messages

According to a survey, more than 35% of the customers unsubscribe from the mailing list because they receive too many emails, which are irrelevant to initially what they signed for. As an email marketer, it is essential that you set the defined guidelines and the customers know beforehand what to expect because if the customers’ expectations are breached, it will lead to either spam complaint or the customer permanently unsubscribing from the marketing list. Send messages and content, which are extremely useful and relevant to the customers. Work on your email marketing strategy to overcome this problem effectively.