When to clean an Email List?

Everyone today in the internet marketing world is talking about list cleaning or email list cleaning. However, which is the right time to clean the list- is a question, which ponders in the minds of hundreds of marketers using email marketing as an important marketing tool. Is it only when you receive a warning from the ISP or a number of customers start marking your email messages as spam? A plethora of companies wakes up only when the above two signals are sent. However, this is probably the worst time to clean your list as the damage has already been done both in terms of brand and revenue. The list cleaning is undoubtedly one of the most hectic task as it involves great effort and based on the size, date of last contact and creation date.



The following is the right time to clean the list to ensure all email marketing campaigns run successfully and you receive higher conversion, click and open rates.

1. Your list is too huge

If you are a large company and have acquired a plethora of email addresses, then it is essential that you clean the list regularly. This becomes even more important when you have purchased an email list from a vendor. Such a list should not be left without cleaning for more than 2 months otherwise the consequences will be severe.

2. The list grows at an accelerated rate

If you are getting heavy inflows of email subscription on a daily basis, then it is recommended to clean the list at least once in the month. Such a list becomes difficult to manage if the cleaning is not done in a timely manner. The leading way to clean such a list is to hire a professional list cleaning service as it reduces the efforts and your time.

3. The opt-in forms are cool for an offer

Companies offer dull and boring opt-in form, which is a major reason why customers do not prefer such forms. If you are an innovator and are offering some extremely cool opt-in form, the response will be overwhelming. However, you also need to take into consideration that such customers are likely to opt out once the offer is availed.