When is the Right Time to Clean the Mailing List?

According to a survey, a mailing list depreciates by 25% every year because email addresses either become inactive or the customers leave the marketing campaign. As an email marketer, you should contribute to the scrubbing to the mailing list and remove the irrelevant leads and contacts from the database. List cleaning using email address verification reduces the instances of spam complaints and hard bounces, which in turn increases both the sender’s score and deliverability. Additionally, email verifier increases content relevancy, improves the open rates and help you save money, if you are being charged on per send basis. In short, it will help you improve and increase the marketing metrics.

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Read on to explore the right time to clean the email marketing mailing list.

1. Too many duplicate and invalid email addresses

Invalid email addresses are usually due to typo errors or spelling mistakes and duplicate email addresses happen when a two subscribers give the same email address. While scanning the marketing list, if you come across too many invalid and duplicate email addresses, you need to clean the list right away to avoid both hard bounces and soft bounces.  During the deduplication process, you need to ensure that every email address is working and delivery will not fail.

2. When something goes wrong in the method of acquisition

You might discover out that unethical ways were used to acquire customers during the initial phase of the marketing. In such a scenario, the list will comprise of people who have never opted in to receive emails. Such customers are a threat because, they will filter the email as spam, thereby ruining the whole marketing campaign. Therefore, it is essential to the clean the mailing list when such scenarios are encountered. Additionally, use email verifier  when you purchase a mailing list from a third party vendor.

3. Too many disengaged customers

When the open rates and the click-through rates falls drastically, it is time to clean the mailing list and remove all the disengaged recipients from the mailing list. Consider such customers as a part of the reengagement campaign.