What is an Acceptable Number for Spam Complaints?

Spam complaints, un-subscription, hard bounces, soft bounces and spam bots portray the overall health of the mailing list. They are a direct representation of how happy the customers are with your marketing efforts. These scores decide the sender’s reputation, which affects the deliverability rate. Keeping these scores close to zero is the target of every email marketing campaign. You need not bother about these numbers if you are continually sending engaging and relevant content to the readers. When a customer receives your email, instead of making a face, the customers should happily open the email. Cleaning the direct mailing list using email address verification is a way to reduce these complaints and engage the customers.



A hard bounce can easily have a dramatic impact on your email account as the delivery to the recipient has failed permanently. Hard bounce rate is a nightmare for the marketers because it drastically brings down the sender’s reputation. You should be avoiding hard bounces at any cost. Remove such email addresses permanently from the mailing list before it is too late. The bounce rate should be kept between 0% – 1% for a successful email marketing campaign. You can calculate the bounce rate by dividing the total bounce rate by the total number of people to whom emails are sent. Try to reduce this rate by using verify email on a regular basis and bring down the rate for every marketing campaign.

Spam complaints

Using email best practices is the leading way to reduce the number of spam complaints. Test every email before sending it to the prospective customers to see whether the email is reaching the inbox of the customer or not. If the content is unique and engaging, customers will never filter any email as spam. The spam complaint rate can be calculated by dividing the total number of complaints by the number of emails sent to a specific internet service provider. The expected range of the spam complaints should be 0-1%.

Follow all the golden rules of email marketing to ensure customer satisfaction.