What Does Your Spam Complaints Tell You?

Email marketers are always on a lookout for improving the deliverability rates as higher deliverability rates ensure better customer engagement. And, spam complaints degrade the deliverability rates by a large extent. The complaints lowers the reputation and results in a potential permanent blocking by the ISP. You need to closely monitor the feedback loop and try to understand what the increasing spam complaints are indicating. If the customer registers a formal complaint, it will be extremely easy to rectify the mistake. A formal complaint is when a customer replies to the mail. A feedback loop complaint is most dreaded as customers filter or flag the email as spam. The ISP forwards the flag message to the sender and the sender’s reputation is degraded. Complaints help you grow and identify strategies which work and fail in the business.


Indicates about an old list

You might have purchased a mailing list thinking it contains active email addresses of the customers who are genuinely interested in the marketing campaign. If the complaints are high, you need to dig deeper in the mailing list to find out customers who are filtering the email as spam. Email address verification will help you clean the mailing list and remove all the unwanted and inactive customers. The main purpose of the feedback loop is to remove and suppress contact from the email marketing stream. You also need to understand that if a contact submits multiple complaints, then the overall domain reputation will suffer and the marketing campaign will go for a downfall. Therefore, it is essential to remove such recipients from the mailing list using an email verifier.

Indicates about a wrong acquisition method

If the mailing list regularly cleaned using email validation and still the spam complaints are high, the problem can lie in the acquisition method used by the customers. You need to validate the acquisition strategy as customers are interested in the campaign initially, but when newsletters are triggered, the interest is lost. It is best to inform the customers as what they can expect from the email marketing campaign.