What are Some Misconceptions About Email Verification?

Today, why is everyone have an inclination towards email marketing? Is it because email is effective or is it because this marketing method is cheap. Well, in both the cases as a marketer willing to sell your product email marketing is a lethal tool to achieve those desired open rates and click-through rates. Therefore, if you are using a newsletter to entice your customers, it is high time you even look at the email list. Email verifier is an extremely effective tool to reduce the bounce rates and deliverability issues.

Misconception and Facts about email validation


1. Clean list means 100% deliverability

A plethora of companies will try to lure you by offering you to clean the list to provide perfect deliverability. However, you need to understand that this is hypothetical and achieving the same will is next to impossible. A verified list means the deliverability rate increases to a great extent, the deliverability might get affected due to the nature of the content. Therefore, look into other factors as well if you still face issues related to address validation.

 2. Testing the service will help

There is no point testing email address verifier companies by giving them old list, simply to check their capabilities. An old list will have a hell lot of traps. And, email traps are difficult to come out because these are addresses owned by an ISP. Any newsletter which is triggered to these addresses is marked by the ISP and your reputation can easily get jeopardize. If you still want to test these services, you can give a sample of a genuine list and based on their efficiency and accuracy take a final call. Try out the cleaned list on a new marketing campaign and compare the results.

 3. List cleaning is a vicious circle

This is a misconception troubling a plethora of marketers across the world. If you send newsletters daily, even cleaning the list on a daily basis will help. Till the time email is sent once or twice a month, you do not have to bother about list cleaning  for a long period.