Using Social Sharing to Grow your Email List

Writing beautiful pieces of content is not sufficient to make your content go viral. With social sharing, you can increase the number of website visitors, which gives more exposure to your email sign up forms. However, sharing content on social media is not that easy, unless the content entails information about Donald Trump or Madonna. You need to a lot of planning and iteration to increase the shareability of your content on different social media platforms. You can easily increase your email list with social sharing. However, you need to clean the list using email address verification to reach the target audience.


Include a link of the sign up form in the content

You never know which content will get viral on Facebook of unpredictable customer behavior. Therefore, include a link to your website on every content you share. Ensure that there’s a prominent email sign up form on the page where you’re driving traffic to. It will help you build a strong email list because customers who show interest in your content are likely to join your newsletter. Also, ensure that the readers don’t have to search for the sign up form on your website. It reduces the conversion rate because no one likes to search for it. Furthermore, validate email to clean the marketing list.

Tease email content on social media

Share teasers of your next email newsletter on different social media platform to create a buzz. Customers who love the teaser are likely to sign-up for the newsletter. Focus on creating attractive and interesting teasers that captures the interest of the target audience. If you share teasers like ‘Come join us today’ no customer will even look at it. Reveal some information to create excitement. However, don’t reveal everything otherwise the buzz around the newsletter will die.

Encourage social sharing of contests

Host different contest related to your brand on social media and ask the customers to give their email address to participate. Furthermore, encourage social sharing of the contest to increase participation.

Focus on cleaning the marketing using email verifier on a regular basis.