Using Printed Material to grow your Email List

Is your email sign-up sheet delivering the expected result? Are you creatively attracting your target audience? Today, customers need creative ways to attract the target audience. Following the boring methods of customer acquisition will not result in growing an authentic email list. Focus on leveraging the effectiveness of printed material to attract the target audience. However, remember to use email address verification to clean the mailing list.  Here are a few creative ways to build the marketing list.


Spice up your business card

When was the last time you updated your business card? Is all your contact information updated? It’s time to create a new business card and you can utilize the double sided card to print information on your mailing list on the back side. However, ensure to offer a hassle free experience to the readers by sharing either a text to join code or a link to your signup form. Interested people are more likely to join the marketing campaign. Through your business card, you can entice some loyal and genuine customers.

 Eye- catching posters

A professionally printed poster is a great way to attract the target audience. You can inform about the special offers using a poster, which includes information about your mailing list. Additionally, you can use the poster in your store to encourage readers to subscribe. Provide exclusive offers to readers who join the marketing list. Eye-catching posters are a great way to grab the attention. You can even include a QR code in the poster to make signup convenient for the readers. Focus on using the latest technological trends to stay at par with competitors. Moreover, scrub the list using verify email to remove all the unwanted email addresses.

Make your email list the center piece

Place innovative tables and tents around a store or restaurant to tell people about your products and services. Highlight your best services and provide a call to action to the readers. Additionally, these events are a great way to spontaneously capture the attention of the target readers.

However, use email validation on a regular basis to avoid spam complaints.