Use Email Validation to Avoid Eliminating Valuable Leads from the Email List

With the email marketing having its roots deeply into the marketing world, engaging customers today is on the priority of a majority of email marketers. And, under such circumstances, if marketers send a plethora of content to the customers to attract the customer and keep them engaged for a long time. Imagine if all the companies to which a customer has subscribed, send regular emails to the customer, a customer’s inbox would be filled with thousands of newsletters every week, making it extremely difficult for the customers to choose the company which best fulfills their requirements. Under such a situation a customer will definitely opt out marking the email address as spam. ‘Spam’ has a negative impact on the sender’s reputation and the higher the rates go, the lower your credibility will become. Therefore, taking necessary action in the aspect is essential.


What is the right step?

To reduce and maintain valuable leads, use email verifier to regularly clean the email list. An email address verification will help you ensure that genuine and loyal customers are a part of the campaign. Such validation will remove spamtraps, zombie email and other traps laid by the different ISP to track email marketers who randomly send newsletters to every customer they possibly can. Kill and get rid of more zombie emails to bring glory to the inbox and give wings to the email marketing campaign. Slaughtering the zombies will help you eliminate the unwanted customers and increase the ROI, brand value and engagement. You don’t have to get the list cleaned every week. Once in a while, when you observe that the deliverability rates are falling or you are getting contacted by the ISP, it is best to use a list cleaning service.

What is the wrong step?

Simply removing the inactive subscribers will not do any good for the marketing campaign because certain customers make seasonal purchases and removing them from the mailing list is like banging your forehead against the wall. It will only lead to your injury.