Unique Ways of Building an Email List

Are your customers tired of receiving free eBooks for every marketing campaign? Does your blog has an opt-in or CTA to download an eBook? If you are doing it, so will hundreds of other marketers in the world. Imagine how many free eBooks a person on an average would be receiving. And, will the customers be interested in giving their email address for a small eBook? These tactics of building an authentic mailing list are old and will not help you connect with the target audience. Additionally, even if the customers for any reason share their email address, the probability of the email address being wrong is extremely high. You need to use email verifier to clean such a list. Here are a few unique ways of building an email list.


Content Upgrade

Content upgrade offers exactly the same thing a customer is searching for.  The content upgrade is especially designed for a particular blog post and is an effective lead generation magnet used by marketers across the world. Content upgrade is bonus content for the customers in exchange of their email address. It is more powerful email list building technique because you are offering exactly what the customer wants. Apart from increasing the email list, content upgrade increases the conversion rate by many times. Customers are not looking for a free report you have conducted, they are in search of useful and informative content helping them in their daily needs.

Community Access

Another great way of increasing the subscribers is the use of community access. Provide the customers’ access to your private community. Becoming a part of a group comprising of people with a different mindset and high quality peer group is anytime better than receiving a simple eBook. Customers get to interact with real time experts who can answer their question and solve their queries. Additionally, if customers are ready for the community access, the mailing list will grow at a very fast pace. You can use email address verification to ensure that people in the community are genuine and interested in your brand.

Email validation will help you build an authentic mailing list.