Two Ways of Preventing Email Deliverability Issues

Are your deliverability rates keeping you awake all night? If so, then you need to work on your email list because more than 85% of the issues are due to an unclean email marketing list. Your list probably contains email addresses, which can undermine the email reputation in an instance. Getting blacklisted and flagged as spam is the worst nightmare for any marketer. The first step in ensuring email marketing success is making the messages reach the target audience. Email verifier will help you clean the mailing list and remove the notorious email addresses. Here are two ways of preventing email deliverability issues.


Adhere to best practices of customer acquisition

Strive and focus on acquiring permission based email addresses as such customers are less likely to filter the messages as spam. Use email address verification to ensure these addresses are free from typos and spam traps otherwise your marketing campaign will go for a toss. Additionally, develop a firm criteria for inactive addresses and remove all such email addresses from the list. Maintaining the mailing list is essential to improve email deliverability. You will also be shocked to know that at least one spam trap unsubscribes from the mailing list to check whether you honor the request of your customers or not. If a reader wishes to leave the mailing list, let them go without creating any hassle otherwise, such readers will mark your messages as spam. Failure to honor the request of your customers will directly result in failure. Therefore, adhere to the best practices of customer acquisition to increase the email deliverability.

Hire an expert

Hire an email validation expert, who will regularly check the authenticity of the email addresses in your database. The expert will help you remove deliverable yet problematic email addresses in a jiffy. Your manual checkup may miss out email addresses, causing high bounce rate, but the vigilant eye of an expert will ensure these addresses are completely removed.  Investing in these experts will prove fruitful in the long run.