Three Types of Email Addresses Damaging your Deliverability Rate

What will you do when the email subscribers you’re trying to entice are harming your performance numbers? Email is a great way to connect with the target audience, but if your list is full with infectious email addresses, you need to clean the email list. Sending messages to people who are not active, decreases your engagement rate and make it harder for the subscribers to reach your brand. If you don’t remove such email addresses, you’re risking getting blocked and blacklisted. However, remember to clean the email list using an email verifier. Here are four types of email address that damages your deliverability rate.


Invalid email addresses

Such addresses are unmailable because they don’t match the existing email address. Many times you end up with invalid addresses because the customers submit information with typos. However, a few customers purposely provide a wrong email address because they hate providing email address to access their content. You may have a clever marketing tactic, but it will result in hard bounces. And, when the number increases more than 2%, your messages are permanently blocked by the ESPs. Consider using an email address verification service to remove all the customer causing hard bounces.

Spam Traps

Spam traps pose a serious threat to business owners because it completes blacklist your organization. Inbox providers usually hide such address on webpages and marketers who utilizes software to acquire customers fall trap and end up sending newsletters to these spam traps. These email addresses are never taken legitimately, so the ESPs know that you either purchased a list or acquired customers through illegitimate ways. And, you get blocked permanently by the ESPs.

Inactive subscribers

Inactive subscribers are people who never engage with your newsletter and never open your messages in the past. Focus on sending a re-activation campaign to win back the trust of the potential readers. Inactive subscribers reduce your open and engagement rate, which affects your marketing success.

However, remember to scrub the emailing list using validate email on a regular basis.