Three Things you Need to Know About Email Verification

You’ve probably spent the whole weekend crafting an irresistible email campaign, your boss is impressed and the coworkers think you’re completely brilliant. Obviously, you’re confident that the marketing campaign will lead to conversions and help you increase the revenue. But, before your fingers press the send button, you need to run email verifier to ensure that the marketing list is clean. The last thing you’ll want is to land in the spam folder or get blacklisted by different email service providers. A witty email copy is essential to grab the attention of the target readers, but without email validation reaching customers is difficult.

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Undelivered emails lowers the sender’s reputation

Whenever, your email goes undelivered, the sender’s reputation is lowered. Maintaining a high reputation is essential to receive priority for your email messages from the ISPs. A poor reputation results in permanent blacklisting, which can cost you, your business. Whenever a message triggers a spam trap or is sent to an inactive email address, the ESPs are alerted and your messages fail to reach the inbox of the target audience. Before such a crisis affect your brand reputation, verify all the email addresses. It takes hardly a few minutes to ensure complete safety. Follow the motto of cleaning the marketing list every time before commencing the marketing campaign.

Email address verification is seamless

Email address verification takes no time because it’s about checking the authenticity of an email address using a software. If possible, check the email at the point of acquisition to avoid illegitimate entries from making way to the marketing list.  In this process, you save and the chances of getting blacklisted are minimal. Remember to clean the email list on a regular basis to avoid negative repercussions.

Increase sales

Believe it or not, email validation can help increase the sales because messages reach the target audience. Additionally, there’s a lost opportunity cost associated with every email which does not reach the inbox of the reader. The probability of higher sales increases and you’re successful in engaging the readers.