The Three Types of Email Addresses in your Email List

When it comes to delivering results, email is breaking every possible record and giving tough competition to social media platforms. Too many email bounces is not a good sign for your email marketing campaign. It results in dismal performance, which can lead to account suspension and you will end up wasting a lot of money. Keeping a bloated list full of incorrect email addresses is not a smart move. It is crucial to clean the list using email verifier because email service providers base their pricing on the total number of subscribers across the list.

As an email marketer, it is essential to understand the three types of email addresses that make way in your email list through different acquisition points.

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Here are the three types of email addresses, you need to keep an eye on to deliver a successful email marketing campaign.

1) Invalid addresses

Sending messages to invalid or incorrect email addresses punctures the sender’s reputation. A hard bounce occurs when delivery to an address permanently fails. These addresses usually contain a typo or syntax errors because of which the delivery fails. Or these email addresses have become invalid as a part of the normal churn or the attrition rate. The invalid addresses are usually hidden and difficult to spot. It requires expertise to spot and permanently delete the email addresses from the marketing list.

2) Role based, Accept All and disposable addresses

The role based, accept all and disposable addresses are risky emails because they accept everything you send. For marketers, attempting to reach such addresses might prove murky and a waste of time. On the other hand, role based email addresses are set up to manage the generic queries and issues of an organization. Examples of such addresses include info@, support@, donotreply@ and admin@. Several people across the organization read the emails and your messages will never reach the target audience. Moreover, such emails result in high complaint rate, which affects the deliverability. Disposable addresses are email addresses of users in lieu to their primary addresses to avoid promotional emails. Temporary addresses are dangerous because they’re valid and active for a while. However, they’re likely to shut down sometimes when the customer changes the email address.

3) Valid addresses

Valid email addresses are one which gives immense relief of the marketers. Sending emails to such messages will not harm your reputation. But, you don’t have the liberty to send any type of content to the readers. You need to make the content engaging and send it at a reasonable frequency. Otherwise, the customers will filter the messages as spam. When a plethora of messages reaches the spam folder, it alerts the ISPs and will keep your messages away from the inbox.

As a digital marketer, you will come across hundreds of risky emails in your email list. You need to regularly clean the list using email verifier to reach the target audience. With such a step, you will protect your campaign from the derailment and improve the campaign.