The ROI of Email Marketing

Email marketing as we all know is a leading horse when it comes to attracting customers, reach and ROI. The ROI of an email marketing tool is far better than any other source of marketing. A high ROI is achieved when the correct mail is sent to the right mix of people at the right time. However, achieving a high ROI is a little difficult and may seem a dream for marketers who do not get the basics of the email marketing correct. If you are neglecting a low ROI, you are committing a blunder as there could be many plausible reasons for the same. An unhygienic and dirty list tops the list for a bad ROI. You can easily solve the issues by using email verifier or email address validation.


Here are few ways to increase the ROI.

1. Send the newsletters to the right people

If you send football related newsletters to Jane, who is interested in cricket, you are actually wasting money on Jane by trying to sell her products, which does not go with her taste. Therefore, it is extremely essential to send the newsletters to the right and targeted audience. As per research, more than 41% of the revenue in email is generated through targeted emails. A lot is at stake. Cleaning the list using verify email or having an option for double opt-ins are ways to increase the deliverability.

 2. Send the right personalized message

Again, if you are sending an email to Jane, addressing it to Stephanie, you are losing a potential long term customer. Personalized messages are loved by each and every customer and according to Adobe, more than 60% of people feel positive about a brand when a personalized email is sent across. Therefore, as far as possible, send coupons, discounts and promotions to the targeted audience. Personalized messages will surely lure the customers.

 3. Send at the right time

There is no point sending Jane messages regarding offers or promotional items once the FIFA World Cup has commenced. You need to understand that the purchasing behavior of the customers follows a route and purchasing decisions take a lot of time. Send Jane information at least 4-5 weeks prior to the commencement of the football event.